Beta Psi Chapter at Arizona State University

Kappa Delta

Our Officers

Misha Kocela


I am a junior studying kinesiology with an intent to attend PA school after graduating in the spring of 2018. Outside of Kappa Delta, I work as a medical assistant in a cardiology clinic and I volunteer in a hospital emergency room. I went KD because all of the women surrounding me gave me the confidence to be myself and strive to be the best that I can be. Every single day my sisters continue to remind me why I fell in love with Kappa Delta. In return, I am determined to give each and every single one of my sisters the best experience that Kappa Delta has to offer.

Lexi Doyle

Vice President of Membership

I am majoring in Political Science and Public Administration, and will be graduating in the Spring of 2019. Outside from being the Vice President of Membership, I volunteer my time and support to political campaigns. I also love kids, and nanny as well! I came from a big family, and have always wanted to have a sense of home when I went away to school. Joining Kappa Delta let me gain over 150 sisters in one day, and I couldn't ask for anything more!

Eliana Magallan

Vice President of Membership Education

I am majoring in Global Studies and Global Health, and will be graduating in the Spring of 2019. I currently work as a Technical Assistant for The School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies filming and editing online lectures for ASU Online courses. This summer, I hope to be interning for a non-profit that specializes in HIV/AIDS prevention education and programming in Tanzania. After college, I would like to pursue a career that allows me to travel and help others! In my free time I love to dance, sing, and go to the movies! I went KD because I knew I would have an everlasting and strong support system among my Kappa Delta sisters. My sisters inspire me to be the best I can be everyday and I’m so proud to be able to serve our chapter this year on council.

Recruitment Counselor

Vice President of Operations

Our lovely sister is currently serving as a Recruitment Counselor during the Fall 2017 process.

Abi Davis

Vice President of Community Service

I am majoring in Urban Planning and Construction Management with a minor in Sustainability, and will be graduating in the Spring of 2018. I currently work as a building manager at our student union building and am a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars at ASU. In my free time I love to read, nap, and take Zumba classes! I went KD with the intention of meeting lifelong friends who shared similar interests and values with me. I stayed because of the confidence that this wonderful organization has given me.

Kaitlyn Baucke

Vice President of Public Relations

Calee Herron

Vice President of Standards

I am a Communication major with a minor in Spanish, and plan on graduating in the Spring of 2019! Outside of Kappa Delta, I work with Changemaker Central and I am also a Facility Manager at ASU's West Campus! I went KD because during the whole fall recruitment process, I felt like I wasn't being myself. When I first sat down with Kappa Delta, I felt like I could finally take a breath of fresh air and just talk like I was talking to my BFF about my day! I felt very invested in the conversation which lead to more than just what my major was or where I was from. We talked about my goals in life, what my family was like, and things that were important to me! This is the place where I felt comfortable and knew my voice was being heard, and that was more than enough reason to go KD.

Haley Hummel


I am a sophomore from Loveland, Colorado majoring in Finance. After graduation, I plan to move back home and begin my career in investment banking. There are a lot of reasons for why I joined Kappa Delta, but I stayed because my sisters push me to be the best version of myself. I have never felt a stronger sense of belonging than I do in this sisterhood, and I am forever grateful to have so many incredible sisters!

Sam Mertel

Vice President of Finance

I am studying Business Management with a certificate in Special Event Management, and will be graduating in the Spring of 2019. Besides being involved in Kappa Delta, I am currently interning for a company that provides the ticketing services, wristbands, and support for music festivals! I went KD because I was looking for a home away from home. Kappa Delta has brought me so many amazing people, and I have had so many great opportunities because of it!

Nicole Serrano

Panhellenic Delegate

I am a Marketing major with a minor in Public Relations, and plan on graduating in the Spring of 2018. I live, eat, and breathe all things Kaydee, so it's always Kappa Delta all the time for me! I went KD because Kappa Delta has been the only place I can be 100% myself. My sisters give me the confidence I have always wished I had growing up, and they continuously push me to follow my heart and dreams. Without them I do not know where I would be!